Retro ThinkPad Follow-up Surveys

David Hill of Lenovo has posted another blog article. He’s asking ThinkPad fans to fill out a survey indicating which features would be most important in the proposed “retro” ThinkPad.  There will be a series of these surveys.

Here’s your chance! Take a minute to speak your mind.

Weigh in on Retro ThinkPad

Retro ThinkPad Survey 2: Displays, Keyboard, and More

Retro ThinkPad Survey 3: What’s Under the Hood?

Retro ThinkPad Survey 4: Miscellaneous

Retro ThinkPad: Time to Think

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2 Responses to Retro ThinkPad Follow-up Surveys

  1. Tim Williams says:

    Your survey says that 4:3 screens are no longer manufactured and yet Apple seem to manage to put a 4:3 screen on the iPad. So somebody is making these. The recently announced iPad Pro has a 12.9″ 4:3 screen. Why not put the same screen into a laptop?

  2. The Geez says:

    Hey, it’s not my survey 😉

    Looks like you’ve joined that conversation. You might also want to add your comments to the Share your ideas for future ThinkPads section in the Lenovo forums if you haven’t already.

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