ThinkPad P1 Gen 2: a Beauty AND a Beast


ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 – images Lenovo

A beauty: slim and trim, carbon fiber display cover, gorgeous UHD OLED touch display.

A beast: hexacore i7, two NVMe SSD slots, major league RAM capacity.

This beastly beauty is my first workstation-class ThinkPad, my first 15 inch machine, and my first OLED display.  It came to me from Lenovo via NateS, an exceptionally generous Lenovo Forum SuperMod.The write-up is a little late – the Gen 3 is already available – but let’s have a look anyway.  Here’s the  usual list of things that I find interesting, a few fixes, and a couple of issues.  But first (and again):

From time to time  Lenovo sends me a gadget. They’re handy to have around – both for my own use and when trying to help out in the Lenovo forums. I do some testing and writing as well. Beyond the use of the laptop, I’m not otherwise compensated. Professional images are Lenovo’s.  Amateur snapshots are mine*.  Opinions are exclusively mine.  I do not work for, represent, or speak for Lenovo.

*  And worse than usual.  I hadn’t realized that a software update had turned off image correction in my phone.  Too late to redo some of them 🙁

There’s probably more low-level detail here than the typical workstation-class laptop user wants or needs, but if you’ll indulge me, read on… as always, double-check anything I say here before using it to make a purchase decision.

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