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Welcome to GeezBlog.  This is a continuation of the old static website Beezmo.com.

Like the old site, this will be mostly tech, a little non-tech, and completely disorganized.

Note: the blog was migrated from PivotX to WordPress.  Most/many of the old links haven’t been redirected to the new blog, so please use the search function, or just poke around.  GeezBlog

Have fun.

2 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Blayne Overman says:

    Great website!!! Both old and new…. I was wondering if you still have the t61 levono that you talked about on the old website? I am working on one that my pastor got from his daughter and she did not remember the password…. I have been messing with the laptop for a few days now and got some interesting (after the fact) information.

    I removed the back up battery to reset the password like the tech manual tells you… when I got it back together and tried to boot… I get a generic blue screen that indicated the hard drive was bad…. so the only boot cd I had was an OpenSolaris 2008-5 so I proceed to boot the cd and OpenSolaris comes up…. Still having problems and not sure where to go.. I wonder if you or some of you friends would like to give me a hand?

  2. The Geez says:

    Hey Blayne,

    I’d suggest taking this to the Lenovo forums – to the T61 and Prior board. I hang out there, and between the other users and Lenovo types that wander by, hopefully someone can get you going.


    The G.

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