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Welcome to GeezBlog.  This is a continuation of the old static website Beezmo.com.

Like the old site, this will be mostly tech, a little non-tech, and completely disorganized.

Note: the blog was migrated from PivotX to WordPress.  Most/many of the old links haven’t been redirected to the new blog, so please use the search function, or just poke around.  GeezBlog

Have fun.

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  1. Blayne Overman says:

    Great website!!! Both old and new…. I was wondering if you still have the t61 levono that you talked about on the old website? I am working on one that my pastor got from his daughter and she did not remember the password…. I have been messing with the laptop for a few days now and got some interesting (after the fact) information.

    I removed the back up battery to reset the password like the tech manual tells you… when I got it back together and tried to boot… I get a generic blue screen that indicated the hard drive was bad…. so the only boot cd I had was an OpenSolaris 2008-5 so I proceed to boot the cd and OpenSolaris comes up…. Still having problems and not sure where to go.. I wonder if you or some of you friends would like to give me a hand?

  2. The Geez says:

    Hey Blayne,

    I’d suggest taking this to the Lenovo forums – to the T61 and Prior board. I hang out there, and between the other users and Lenovo types that wander by, hopefully someone can get you going.


    The G.

  3. Darius says:

    I came here to check after you answered my question in the forum. I am interested what is the motivation to sit in lenovo forums and help for free? I only see one – to advertise your website. But is this enough? Or you feel so much pleasure helping that you can spend time? I myself cant imagine speding to much time on help.
    One other benefit I see – learning yourself by helping but again is it that worth the time? Are you working as IT admin or something like that so you can use your knowledge gained from this forum to make money?

    • The Geez says:

      I’m long since retired with too much time on my hands – although I started hanging around the forums 5 years before retirement.
      There’s nothing here to advertise – no pay per click, no referrals, no nothing but my meager brain droppings. For that matter, i believe the link in my forum sig is wrapped with “nofollow”, so it wouldn’t accomplish much if I was advertising.
      I showed up in the forums asking questions, got help, and decided to try to pay it back a bit – such as I can. Some of us just have a strange urge to be useful.
      Why we do this… https://www.beezmo.com/geezblog/?p=3093
      But I do learn a lot – some to my personal benefit, some to hopefully help other forum members.

  4. Lewis Bailey says:

    Thanks! I am sure I stumbled across your site. Because I bought the 64 gig ram from critiual too.
    I do not think I have oled screen. I wish I did .
    I paid 514$ for this computer at Focus camera. They have been very good to deal with

    • The Geez says:

      That looks like a comment on the P1 Gen 2 article, and you’re welcome! That’s a a powerful machine even though it’s a few generations back. Enjoy!

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