Stinky Spuds

One of my favorites, especially now when the garden provides potatoes, onions, and peppers.  Goes great with grilled chicken, ribs, whatever floats your boat.

I’ll skip the measurements…

Spuds – chopped/diced/sliced per your whim – raw fried in olive oil.

When they’re ~ 5 minutes from done toss in chopped/diced/sliced sweet bell pepper and chopped/diced/sliced onion and turn the heat down a little.

I sometimes add garlic but be careful – it can scorch.  The other day I did include some jalapeno with the bell pepper for a little added interest.  Delish 🙂

A minute or so from done I like to sprinkle in some cumin and paprika.

Once it hits my plate I usually top with grated Parmesan cheese and salt + pepper.

[edit to add] Make a one-skillet meal out of it:  add chopped spinach, cabbage, or kale then with the heat turned down make pockets and (gently) crack some eggs into them.  (There’s no rule that says it couldn’t involve some bacon or sausage 😉 )

Enjoy 🙂

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