Apostrophe Creep

Seriously.  Friends, it isn’t absolutely necessary to add an apostrophe (you know, that little ” ‘ “) to every word that ends in “s”.  Really.  Really!

It’s == it is.  Its == indicates that something belongs to it.  The apostrophe in that first “It’s” indicates a contraction, not a possessive.  The second “Its” is already a possessive and doesn’t need an apostrophe.  Like “his” and “hers”.

What’s next, “hi’s” and “her’s”.  Sheesh.  Don’t get me started on “their”, “they’re”, and “there”…  “Or excessive use of quotation marks.”

“Quantum Leap” and “Begs the question” – we will talk about those some other time.

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5 Responses to Apostrophe Creep

  1. erik says:

    there’s a horse farm nearby called “country stable’s”, with its name proudly carved into a wooden sign. it’s all i can do not to jump out of the car and spray paint the apostrophe shut.

    on your second topic, “all of a sudden,” “irregardless,” and “a whole nother” are right up there on my list with the improper use of “its/it’s” or apostrophes in general. i gnash my teeth whenever i hear or read these blatantly flawed words or phrases.

  2. Mark says:


    Great post, and love the new blog. Will add to my personal blogroll. I’ve fallen out of blogging but want to start again. Corporate social is fun, but kinda takes some of the fun out of keeping up personal efforts.

    I commit numerous grammar atrocities on a daily basis. Thanks for the instruction on proper use of “its”. One of my numerous violations to be sure. Recently, and I hate to attribute it to ossification of my brain matter, I have begun to type the wrong words – using their instead of there, or hear instead of here. The errors stand out when I proof read, so I don’t understand why my fingers get the wrong signal from my brain. It truly seems a recent development – increasing in frequency over the last 1-2 years.

  3. The Geez says:

    Maybe we can get together some time and go around correcting spelling and grammar in graffiti and gang tags.
    Should be fun…
    The Geez

  4. The Geez says:

    Oh my, over on an EVGA forum, a very prolific poster just hung this beauty on the wall:
    “…I guess they have been burn’t before…”

    I have no idea where to file that.
    The Geez

  5. Mark says:


    I realize that I am a frequent offender. Do you suppose there is a chapter of apostrophe’s anonymous for those of us who are trying to find our way through the 12 steps to proper grammar?

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