2nd Look: ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 & 10th Gen i7


Now that I’m retired and not testing hardware and drivers it’s rare that I need a bare-metal install of Linux.  VMs and Ubuntu for Windows can provide most of what I use.  Still, it’s always interesting to try on Ubuntu and other *nixen and I know there’s a large appetite for such out there.

The below are quick snips of things I tested via a live Ubuntu 19.10 on a flash drive.  These are strictly drive-by tests with very little depth.  Tested the pen, but not the buttons, for instance.  Didn’t test the fingerprint reader, etc, etc, etc…  The basics seem to work, apart from the built-in microphone.  One note: the touchpad and Trackpoint worked in 19.10 but not 19.04.  Editing in “psmouse.proto=bare” to the 19.04 linux line in the boot stanza enabled the TrackPoint but not the touchpad.

Tablet mode recognized, touch keyboard pops up – and works.  Camera works.  Pen works.  Speakers work, mic doesn’t. Primary drive (PCIe/NVMe Windows) accessible. Wifi works.

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Tablet Mode

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Camera

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Pen

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Audio

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Primary SSD Access

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Wifi Status

X1 Yoga Gen4 Ubuntu Browser and Download Speed


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