2nd Look: ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 & 10th Gen i7

Battery Runtime

The base spec says “Max battery life: MobileMark 2014: 18.1 hrs Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, & other factors”

Those sorts of statements always seem … optimistic.  I’d say runtime is decent.  The below are a set of estimates gathered during admittedly casual testing.  Brightness is about 2/3 for all of these.  I let each situation persist long enough that the “gas gauge” had stabilized.

X1 Yoga Runtime Estimate – Desktop Only: 82% 13hr 0min

X1 Yoga Runtime – Browser: 88% 8hr 12min

X1 Yoga Runtime – mp4: 80% 8hr 13min

X1 Yoga Runtime – mp3: 81% 10hr 20min

(And no, I don’t know who The Posies are…)


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