Hello internet. Summer has been over for some time and I couldn't be happier. We moved quickly from unbearable heat to barely tolerable cold. Especially while riding a bicycle. Oh well. I think I'd rather bundle up than feel like I'm swimming in my own clothes. Now its time for a story.

In the last month I have been doing a new game with my 3rd year junior high students. I draw a comic but leaving the speaking bubbles blank. Its their job to fill in the bubbles however they like. In English of course. I would typically get the majority of the responses the same as few of the kids have the courage to try something really out there. Every once in awhile I'd get something absolutely hilarious and I made sure to make copies of those that I felt were particularly noteworthy. I will upload them here at the end of the school year.

After about a month I could tell that the kids were getting bored and weren't taking the comics seriously anymore. So I suggested a new game to the teacher. The students would be given a sheet with all the vocabular they needed to review for their upcoming test and we would go through it together to work on pronunciation. At the end of said practice we played the gesture game. No talking, no writing. Well, the students took to it right away as they seemed to especially enjoy watching their fellow classmates embarass themselves at the front of the classroom. I saw some very clever ways to communicate words like: news, day, brother, sister, homework, etc. 

One of my poor victims asked me to give him an easy one so I decided to be nice. I gave him the word 'milk'. I figured it would be a very easy word since it was the only vocabulary on the sheet that was a drink. He pondered it for a minute and then both the students and myself lost ourselves in complete uproarious laughter.

When he started milking an invisible cow.

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