Howdy folks!

Ah that new blog smell. Always a fan. This will be a short post to test out this fancy new WordPress thingy. The bigger update will come sooner.

As for news, the school year is about a month away and things are going smoothly. Managed to avoid catching the flu this year which I’m grateful for. Got a cold for two weeks straight but thats better than influenza.

Biggest news at the moment as I have recently applied for a new apartment and have been given the go ahead to rent it. I’ll be moving on the 10th of March. The place is astounding. Apparently it was previously the building owner’s home and has been completely renovated over the last year. Its about as fancy as I could ever hope for and the best part is that its closer to the station, only $30 dollars more a month and of course, is 4 times the size of my current place. Good timing no?

Once the actual move is complete I’ll get some photos up here for everyone to enjoy. Until than, ciao!

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3 Responses to Apartment-ing

  1. The Geez says:

    Hey! Two years ago you said you’d post some pics. So … where are they?

  2. The Geez says:

    No pics for 3 years – but who’s counting?

  3. The Geez says:

    Almost 4 years now. Is there a statute of limitations on these things?

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