The End of Summer

Hi. Been awhile. Today we will be discussing the season you all know as…Summer. We will also be discussing how much I personally dislike the season you all know as Summer.

So summer. This year in Japan was the hottest summer the country has had in 113 years. Highs of 100+ F with 80-90% humidity. Riding a bicycle in said weather was not particularly enjoyable. Especially while wearing slacks and a work shirt. I made it a point to bring a complete change of clothes with me each day to swap into after I had arrived at school.

One particular day, I was in the locker room at Junior High soon after I had arrived at school. It was a particularly hot day so I had stripped down to merely my boxers and used a towel I'd brought to attempt to "dry off". As I was doing this someone randomly came into the room to also change their clothes and likely got their first experience of seeing a large American that is particularly hairy. All I got was, "Oh Sukotto. I'm sorry." then a quick departure from the locker room. I finished toweling off and had a giggle to myself at the ridiculousness of it all. Hope I haven't scarred one of my colleagues.

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