Updates and Random Things

Aaaaaaand yet again we find ourselves in a place with a long time between updates (sorry Geezer). Very little to report at the moment but there are a few interesting tidbits for observation for those interested.Job applications for employment in Japan have begun in full force. After two weeks of preparation I was invited to LA for a group interview for Aeon, a company that specializes in English language education in Japan. Unfortunately I didn't get the job but after extended investigation into the job's specifics I decided I wouldn't have been particularly happy there anyway. Following this, we have two more job applications that I hope work better than the first. The first is for a company called Interac that is an international recruiting company for schools in Japan that are in need of English teachers. If this works I could ship off to Japan as early as February or March. The other application, which is the one I hop is the most successfull is the JET program. Similar to Interac, this government sponsored program places applicants in an Elementary or Highschool in Japan for one year as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). Keep your fingers crossed. I also have just emailed the head of the Japanese department here at CWU to inquire about any opportunities for volunteer work or internships to further my background in Japanese language and cultural education. Again, keep your fingers crossed. We'll see what happens. I have high hopes that the head of the department will find some volunteer work for me to do, I'd like to more regularly get in the swing of things with my Japanese, even if its something as simple as grading homework or tutoring. Both of which actually sound pretty alright. I'll keep updates flowing on those three opportunities as more information comes my way.

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On The Windswept Plain of Eburg…

    Me again. Been ages since I posted and believe it or not I fear that the old man (who keeps this site up) is preparing to disown me as his son or do something even more drastic. Like calling me names or something.

    Aaaanyway…I am still in good ol Eburg. Been taking it easy for the most part, hangin with friends and working. I acquired a job at the local casino as a security guard which I kept for about 4 months. I later moved on to bartending which is something I've wanted to do for quite some time. Plans to hit up Tokyo still remain its just a question of when and how. My rough plan is to head over there for a few weeks in the Fall or Winter to see some friends and keep an eye out for potential job opportunities while I am there. Ideally I will find something agreeable as far as future work goes and move back over there with all the paperwork and arrangements taken care of beforehand. I'm more or less at the point where any job will do as long as I'm there. Don't think that I am above being a male host at a hostess bar. I hear they make good money anyway…

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There and Back Again

Its been awhile since an update and I think one is finally due. After a month stay in Tokyo I decided that there were things to be done back in the US of A, so back I am!

Currently I'm living in Ellensburg, Washington with Keith, Adam and Jessie. Plans have been made to attend CWU for Spring quarter where I will begin work on my teacher certification and quite possibly a masters in teaching English as a second language. Credits allowing I think I will make some time to take the famous CWU bowling class as well. Who wouldn't?

March 18th-25th I will be traveling to Dallas with Keith, Adam and Richard to see our World of Warcraft friends. Its strange, that we met all of the people in Dallas through a video game, had a fantastic connection and friendship with all of them, yet we had never seen any of them in real life. I was blown away when I went down there before Japan, at how friendly and honest and just like I expected them to be they were. They were like our long lost nerd-brothers and sisters or something. Can't wait to see them all again.

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A quick story for the masses that I found funny. I had been out with a friend of mine the other night and it was around 12 in the evening so it was time to head home. I got about haflway to my hotel via train but because it was so late no more trains were running to take me home. So, I exited the current station I was in to go find a taxi. First thing I saw was a lot of drunk businessmen, second thing was prostitutes trying to get said businessmen to have a drink with them. So I hailed a cab, deciding it was time to get out of there before I too got propositioned and hopped inside.

Now, one thing about Tokyo cab drivers is they usually are not very chatty but luckily this one was. So we chatted about Tokyo, America, English and Japanese and finally my curiosity took over so I asked him, whats the weirdest customer you have ever had. Apparently the strangest customer was a businessman who got into the cab wearing only his underwear and fancy business shoes. The cab driver then had a very difficult time figuring out where the man wanted to go but eventually figured it out and took him there. He did not say how the man paid him, I think he left that part out on purpose as he surely did not want to remember. I think I saw a tear fall down his cheek too.

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The Return

Greetings! After a long hiatus I have returned to my beloved Tokyo. Things seem pretty much where I left them. Lots of short people with black hair, schoolgirls with weird uniforms and people that overtan themselves and dye their hair grey (though I’ve seen less of them recently.) So far I haven’t noticed any strange new styles here yet I’ve only been in Tokyo for two days. Met up with Asako, Etsuko and Hiroko yesterday and we went to my favorite Japanese restaurant Amataro. Amataro is whats called an izakaya which is a type of combination bar and eatery. Its difficult to describe how it would be different from any other Western restaurant where you can order food and whatever you want for a beverage…it just is. Perhaps its the fact that everything you order is to share among the rest of your group. Or maybe its the Japanese decor. Or maybe because its in Japan…who can say?

I made friends with the housecleaning lady in my hotel almost immediately. She complimented me on my Japanese and said she was very relieved that I could speak Japanese because she couldn’t speak a word of English.

Other than that things are pretty laid back at the moment. Today I’ll head out to see Pee (my host sister from my first visit to Japan.) I’ll hopefully acquire a cell phone in my travels as well and then its time to start hunting for a job. Not sure where to start exactly but hopefully it will come to me with divine assistance. That or the internet.

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