An International Dislike

So in my studies here in Japan, I’ve come to an amazing conclusion.
School kinda sucks no matter where you are. 😛 Let me rephrase that, crappy classes exist no matter what school you are at. The majority of my classes are interesting and I feel that I am learning something which is a welcome change from some of the lame time wasting sessions they call classes at UW. However, there is one class that I find aggravating beyond belief, and it is called Modern Japanese History. Maybe its the Professor’s fault for being too vague and obscure in what he wants from us but I am starting to get annoyed at the lack of direction. Meh.
So I’ve decided that in my time here I have been speaking too much English. Unfortunately I see little chance to rectify the problem as everyone at Sophia speaks English and all my friends there are good ol fashioned Americans. But I find myself naturally slipping into English too much even with my Japanese friends, so I have decided to try and speak Japanese exclusively with my Japanese friends and use English only when it is absolutely necessary, but even then I’d rather just not use it, thats why I came here right?
The Christmas is coming up and I am finding it weird that I won’t be home to feast on clam chowder and enjoy the usually gargantuan tree we get. Oh well, Ember is coming and I am really excited to show her all the things here. I think we’ll go to Roppongi on Christmas to see the lights, I hear its really amazing.
More thoughts later.
Today’s Song: Orestes – Perfect Circle

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  1. The Geez says:

    Keep in mind that you picked out the “lame time wasting sessions they call classes at UW”. You could have picked out something more interesting.

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