A Late Christmas Post

Late Merry Christmas and New Year to all!
So Ember came out to Japan for about 12 days and if I told you I wasn’t excited about that fact, my nose would be so large I’d put Pinnochio to shame. Anyway, we had a great time. For Christmas we went to the huge temple in Asakusa, which is called Sensoji I think. Then Roppongi Hills, a brand new highrise building/skyscraper thing that has a multitude of shops but best of all, a tremendous view that is 360 degrees and lets you see absolutely all of Tokyo from about 50+ stories up. It really is quite amazing. For New Years we went down to Yokohama China Town where we were really late for a big Swing dance. After that we walked around China Town to see Chinese Gangsters setting off illegal fireworks and I bought a nikuman the size of my head. Nikuman = those Humbow bread roll filled with meat thingies. Anyway, between those two things there were some dances, and probably best of all, a trip to Disneyland and the even more spectacular Disney Sea. We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait till she comes back.

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  1. Ember says:

    So I went to Japan not expecting to like it too much. First, I’m a small town girl don’t have much appreciation for the big cities. I thought Tokyo would be dark and dirty, and the people would be just more unfriendly, rushed city people. Second, there’s the language barrier. I don’t know ANY japanese, so I figured I would be clueless everywhere we went. Scott is a very good guide though, and I did’t feel out of place. Especially because everyone thought I was japanese and wanted to talk to me, rather than the one that speaks japanese! Tokyo is a really clean city and the people very friendly. They put everything away and greeted you with a smile when approached, something I miss here in the states. I was also a little worried about the food, but that is one of the things I miss most. We found a few great sushi places that we need to find again!
    Disney land and then Disney Sea with the gang were a ton of fun. I thought Scott was going to jump out of his skin wanting to go back so bad. I hear he has plans to go back soon…
    If you are there in December, I recommend Christmas Cake. We had an angel food type cake with an interesting frosting, some fruit filling, and some strawberries to place on top.
    All in all, Tokyo is a great place and I can’t wait to visit again!

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