Of Turtles, Sea Captains and Those Who Do Battle

So its been a long time since my last post. My apologies. School has started again and its gogogo time, at least in regards to studying. Managed to snag a friend’s apartment that they were moving out of so I’ve got a perfect place that is close to school and I’ve been hitting the books with wreckless abandon. But that isn’t what I’m hear to talk about today. First, I thought I would share some experiences I’ve had in Japan since I got back, more specifically, strange experiences that I’m not sure I would see in the USA, but then again, who knows. The first happened a few weeks ago. I was leaving my apartment to go to school on a bright sunny day, when I noticed one of my neighbors was outside near his doorway, viciously scrubbing away at something. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was and for some reason curiosity got the better of me so I stopped to look. To my amazement, he was sitting on his haunches, scrubbing a turtle. Yes, a turtle. A live one. Now the question is, is the turtle a pet, or perhaps dinner?
The next odd thing happened last night. I visited an Izakaya (Japanese style bar/eatery) with Asako and Etsuko to get some tasty grubbins after the night’s dancing. The place we picked had a slightly seafood oriented theme and I noticed the restaurant’s mascot seemed to be a very hairy Japanese guy in a sailor suit, which I thought was funny. So we ordered, ate our food and drank our drinks when suddenly, said captain appeared in the flesh, and right next to our table. He had a ridiculous grin on his face and asked us how we were doing and gave his thanks for coming to his restaurant. He then said, (in english) “Where you are come from? Oh America? Great, its great place. Please have good time tonight, you are with two beautiful girl, have good time.” And he walked off. I wish I had my camera.
The other story is less exciting but somewhat funny. On my 2nd day in my apartment I was walking home when I heard what sounded like people engaged in battle. More specifically it sounded more like people screaming with rage and murdering eachother. I looked all around me to find out where the noise was coming from and quickly realized what it was. Put simply, I am located right next to a huge highschool, and in the afternoon, the Kendo Club (Japanese Sword Fighting) meets to practice, train and beat the crap out of eachother. OnceI realized what it was I thought it was quite funny.
Today’s Song: Shining Over You – Hyde

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