The Combini

Lets talk about Combini. Put simply, Combini are short for Convenience Stores, and they are an essential ingredient to the Japanese economy, way of life and overall social stability. Combini serve incredible purposes. Mostly they supply you with all manner of foods, but they are good for other things as well. Making copies, renting movies, reading porn that is in plain sight and reach of 5 year olds, but most of important of all, you can pay your bills. Thats right, at the convenience store, you can take your monthly gas, electric and water bill and pay it right there and then. You get a stamp and a receipt and you’re off on your way to doing whatever it is you feel is important at that time juncture. Its incredibly convenient and time saving, not to mention you don’t need to spend money on stamps or envelopes. Now if only dealing with school administration was so simple…

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