Germany Will Be Mine!

So I was riding the train today, reading a book on the making of the latest Star Wars when the train stopped at one of the stations along its route. I paused for a moment of quiet thought as hordes of black haired Japanese people passed me when I happened to look up at an advertisement for the upcoming World Cup. The advertisement was in Japanese (obviously) and seemed to be a photograph of the advertised magazine’s current cover. The funny thing, is that on said cover of the magazine, was a very blown up photograph of Japan’s current Soccer coach. A Brazillian man whose name I don’t recall is pictured on the front looking intense and focused as if to suggest the World Cup game was tomorrow and he was ready for it. Heres the best part: directly above said Coache’s head, in English are the words, “Germany Will Be Mine!”
I’ll let all of this advertisement’s deep meanings sink in for a few moments.
On a related subject, Bananas in this country need to be sold less yellow and more green because they go bad in two days and despite my love for Bananas, I just can’t eat that many that fast. I’m sorry.

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  1. Homer says:

    mmmm, bananas

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