Kugayama ni Yookoso!

This evening I was journeying out to Kichijoji to do some people studying. For anthropology, we’re supposed to choose a fieldsite and observe people, customs and culture. I chose McDonald’s and the seemingly different kind of culture that exists here in Jerpan in regards to the way people use fast food restaurants. On my way to the station, I noticed here in Kugayama there seemed to be a great deal of activity on the main road that seemed out of place. There were bright pink lanterns all along the street lights with the characters for Kugayama painted on them. People were everywhere and all the local convenience shops had little stands outside selling mostly food items with the occasional trinket or piece of junk for the visitors. Basically, it was Kugayama ni Yookoso Day, translated to Welcome to Kugayama Day. Not sure why the people of Kugayama were inspired to invite people here seeing as how there isn’t much goin on, but it was very interesting nonetheless. Near the main strip is a bike/walking trail that people often use, so they set it up that you enter the trail at one end, and all along the way you get to stop by little food and trinket stands. Its a comparable experience to our 4th of July on Bainbridge. It was a very cool thing to check out even though I didn’t purchase anything. Wish I’d known it would have been there or I would have taken pictures.
Midterms are just starting to wind down here, so we have another pseudo lull period in studies until we hit our finals. Can’t believe I only have two months left here.

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