For the first time since I got here, I decided to go bowling with the homies. Our destination was the Ikebukuro bowling alley located near TJ’s apartment. Apparently the place was 24 hours and ready and willing to accept some eager bowlers. Now, I’ve been to a few Japanese bowling alleys in my time, even a few in other countries like Nicaragua and Vietnam, but this one was by far the most entertaining I have been to internationally. First off, we were required to fill out a card with our desired bowling name, real bowling name, address, phone number, sex, previous visits, mother’s maiden name, the names of capitals in 28 random states and the birthday of Prime Minister Koizumi. Ok ok, just kidding, they didn’t ask for Mom’s maiden name. Anyway, after skipping the majority of the unimportant info our bowling card looked like this under the list of names;
Admiral Kemper
Naturally, my mighty bowling name is Riboflavin and TJ’s last name is Kemper, thus Admiral Kemper. We turned in our card, picked up our shoes and sat down at the computer screen on the lane and viewed our names freshly typed into the screen. They read;
In short, TJ and I laughed for a good 5 minutes at that. We decided that from now on my type of writing was too stylistic for the clerks to read and reinput properly so my job as card filler-outter was quickly revoked.
As if this wasn’t good enough we were treated to the experience of how Japanese people, most likely the Men, prefer to bowl. On the screens above our heads were our running score totals, yet occasionally the screen would change based on how you threw the ball. Naturally all these changes on screen involved scantily clad women and them offering words of encouragement or congratulations. On a gutter ball, I was treated to two ladies with bright smalls and tight clothing offering their encouragement. As if this wasn’t random enough, quite suddenly a Japanese fellow dressed as a Baseball umpire also showed up beside them and gave me a big thumbs up…I love Japan.

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