The Return

Greetings! After a long hiatus I have returned to my beloved Tokyo. Things seem pretty much where I left them. Lots of short people with black hair, schoolgirls with weird uniforms and people that overtan themselves and dye their hair grey (though I’ve seen less of them recently.) So far I haven’t noticed any strange new styles here yet I’ve only been in Tokyo for two days. Met up with Asako, Etsuko and Hiroko yesterday and we went to my favorite Japanese restaurant Amataro. Amataro is whats called an izakaya which is a type of combination bar and eatery. Its difficult to describe how it would be different from any other Western restaurant where you can order food and whatever you want for a beverage…it just is. Perhaps its the fact that everything you order is to share among the rest of your group. Or maybe its the Japanese decor. Or maybe because its in Japan…who can say?

I made friends with the housecleaning lady in my hotel almost immediately. She complimented me on my Japanese and said she was very relieved that I could speak Japanese because she couldn’t speak a word of English.

Other than that things are pretty laid back at the moment. Today I’ll head out to see Pee (my host sister from my first visit to Japan.) I’ll hopefully acquire a cell phone in my travels as well and then its time to start hunting for a job. Not sure where to start exactly but hopefully it will come to me with divine assistance. That or the internet.

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