A quick story for the masses that I found funny. I had been out with a friend of mine the other night and it was around 12 in the evening so it was time to head home. I got about haflway to my hotel via train but because it was so late no more trains were running to take me home. So, I exited the current station I was in to go find a taxi. First thing I saw was a lot of drunk businessmen, second thing was prostitutes trying to get said businessmen to have a drink with them. So I hailed a cab, deciding it was time to get out of there before I too got propositioned and hopped inside.

Now, one thing about Tokyo cab drivers is they usually are not very chatty but luckily this one was. So we chatted about Tokyo, America, English and Japanese and finally my curiosity took over so I asked him, whats the weirdest customer you have ever had. Apparently the strangest customer was a businessman who got into the cab wearing only his underwear and fancy business shoes. The cab driver then had a very difficult time figuring out where the man wanted to go but eventually figured it out and took him there. He did not say how the man paid him, I think he left that part out on purpose as he surely did not want to remember. I think I saw a tear fall down his cheek too.

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  1. Helen says:

    Good Story!
    Did you ever make it home?

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