There and Back Again

Its been awhile since an update and I think one is finally due. After a month stay in Tokyo I decided that there were things to be done back in the US of A, so back I am!

Currently I'm living in Ellensburg, Washington with Keith, Adam and Jessie. Plans have been made to attend CWU for Spring quarter where I will begin work on my teacher certification and quite possibly a masters in teaching English as a second language. Credits allowing I think I will make some time to take the famous CWU bowling class as well. Who wouldn't?

March 18th-25th I will be traveling to Dallas with Keith, Adam and Richard to see our World of Warcraft friends. Its strange, that we met all of the people in Dallas through a video game, had a fantastic connection and friendship with all of them, yet we had never seen any of them in real life. I was blown away when I went down there before Japan, at how friendly and honest and just like I expected them to be they were. They were like our long lost nerd-brothers and sisters or something. Can't wait to see them all again.

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