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Aaaaaaand yet again we find ourselves in a place with a long time between updates (sorry Geezer). Very little to report at the moment but there are a few interesting tidbits for observation for those interested.Job applications for employment in Japan have begun in full force. After two weeks of preparation I was invited to LA for a group interview for Aeon, a company that specializes in English language education in Japan. Unfortunately I didn't get the job but after extended investigation into the job's specifics I decided I wouldn't have been particularly happy there anyway. Following this, we have two more job applications that I hope work better than the first. The first is for a company called Interac that is an international recruiting company for schools in Japan that are in need of English teachers. If this works I could ship off to Japan as early as February or March. The other application, which is the one I hop is the most successfull is the JET program. Similar to Interac, this government sponsored program places applicants in an Elementary or Highschool in Japan for one year as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). Keep your fingers crossed. I also have just emailed the head of the Japanese department here at CWU to inquire about any opportunities for volunteer work or internships to further my background in Japanese language and cultural education. Again, keep your fingers crossed. We'll see what happens. I have high hopes that the head of the department will find some volunteer work for me to do, I'd like to more regularly get in the swing of things with my Japanese, even if its something as simple as grading homework or tutoring. Both of which actually sound pretty alright. I'll keep updates flowing on those three opportunities as more information comes my way.

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