Preparations and Commercials

Hello again. Today's installment of the Beez blog will focus on a few job updates and miscellaneous discoveries during my journey here in the Land of the Rising Sun.

First the job updates. I received my cell phone yesterday which is absolutely fantastic. Not having a cell phone in this country makes just about anything and everything impossible to do so it really is a Godsend. Unfortunately I thought I was getting some sort of Japanese super phone that would make every conceivable US phone look stupid and 10 years outdated by comparison, unfortunately this is not the case. Its really a quite standard phone with little to no special features. Oh well. Who needs a fancy phone anyway?

As for apartments, the company is still searching for an appropriate one for me. The hangup on this issue is that I have yet to interview with the Board of Education for my schools in Kuki which would make housing a bit difficult. Unfortunately this means I will haveto continue to burn cash on the hotel front but such is life. The company told us to be very financiallly prepared before we came out here and I made sure I would be. Even so it would be nice to not be spending so much on hotels. Oh well. 

 Tuesday is my interview with the Board of Edcuation. I must do a self introduction in Japanese and English which is fairly standard practice here in Japan. There is a very big difference between what we would call a self introduction in the US and how they do it here. In the US one would probably just list their name, hometown, university they graduated from and what they majored in  and most likely stop there. In a Japanese self introduction you expected to go into far much detail. Things like your hobbies (in detail) how many trips to Japan you've made if any, what you did those previous times, what your university was like etc etc. This shouldn't be too much of a problem for me as my Japanese isn't as rusty as I expected it to be but I must be sure to make a good impression to the Board. To show how important the Board of Education is in relation to me think of it this way: The Board gives Borderlink (my company) the approval per applicant to teach at schools. They help to arrange placement at various schools around the country. If the school has any issues with you or your teaching they have two options, 1) Call my company to complain and ask that the behavior be fixed immediately or 2) They can contact the Board of Education who governs the entire system. If the Board decides they don't want you they can fire you on the spot even tho they are technically not the company I am working for. Its an interesting system to be sure. Lets hope it all works out.

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