Let us describe our day today. It was a fairly standard day. Made a visit to the Shinjuku office for LeoPalace to sign the paperwork for my apartment. Took about an hour and a half and the man helping spoke no less than 4 languages. 4. Possibly more than 4. When I asked him how many he spoke he changed topics quickly. Paperwork finished I made my way into Ikebukuro to meet up with a fellow ALT, and that is when I got a taste of the bizarre.

Ikebukuro used to be my "old stomping grounds" about 5 years ago when I studied at Sophia in Tokyo. My previous posts years ago about bowling at HyperLanes took place in Ikebukuro. So naturally one can deduce that I know the area well. It was nice to be back. After a brief visit to Matsuya, a type of Japanese food chain here that happens to be one of my favorites, I parted ways with my friend to head home to make some phone calls to help setup my new apartment for tomorrow. That is when I saw something very unexpected. Infront of me was a large group of Japanese people, all who I assumed were just making their way into the station en masse which is quite common. I was wrong. As I looked into the crowd I noticed a man walking backwards facing the crowd with a large video camera and another man speaking to someone with a microphone. I thought to myself, "is it a celebrity of some kind? A famous person come down from the rich people world to hang with us in one of the lower areas?" That is when I noticed the helmet.

It was Darth Vader. Walking around Ikebukuro. God I love this country.

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