Fried Shrimp Sandwiches, Shaking and Jail Cells

Lets discuss a day. Not a particularly special day but one filled with Japanese adventure nonetheless. It all started with a harmless meeting in a coffee shop with my friend Natsumi.

Natsumi and I had made plans to hang out on this particular Sunday a few days previous. We first met up at a coffee shop to kill a little time and wait for her friend Saya. It was here that we discussed the intricacies of life, both Japanese and foreign. Work, paychecks, government, shopping bags and puppies. Pretty standard really.

After finding Sayaka we traveled around Omiya, which is where my home office is located and is very close both to my soon to be acquired apartment and the hotels I had been staying in. Made a visit to the Koban (Police Box) to ask the officers  if there was anything of interest in Omiya to do or see. There wasn't. So we made our way to First Kitchen to acquire some sustenance. There were a variety of choices and I chose something I had never induldged in. A fried shrimp sandwich and some BBQ flavor french fries. Sounded like a solid combination to me. Turns out that I was absolutely correct and I now have a new fast food favorite for my rare trips to such places.

We noticed on our bags of french fries that there was some English printed in big letters with a very happy looking exclamation mark. This is what we read: LETS SHAKE! I looked a bit puzzled at this, mentioned it to the girls and we came to a conclusion. Our conclusion was not that the bag had such words printed not for the purpose of shaking your bag of french fries to make sure the spices got all mixed up in your fries, but it was in fact that the restaurant wanted us to not only bust out with our best shimmies in the middle of the restaurant but also to try and inspire the other customers to do the same. It didn't work but we had a giggle nonetheless.

We then made our way off through the streets of Omiya to discover a bar called Lock Up which Natsumi had found on the internet and said it sounded cool. When we arrived we discovered a set of stairs leading down into the basement of fairly sizeable building that was decorated much like a cave. Oh and did I mention that the Pirates of the Carribean movie music was playing? As we entered we discovered this was not merely a restaurant/bar but a house of horrors that blasted heavy metal music. I felt instantly at home. As I made my way across the rickety bridge flooring, passed the very realistic scary Frankenstein monster that leapt out at us from behind a cage we came to the front door of the restaurant. Unfortunately, we could not open this door ourselves. On the door was a sign roughly translated that said "To gain entry stick your hand in the statue to the right." Naturally the girls refused to stick their hand into a giant skull statue's mouth so they made me do it. As I did the sliding door slammed open.

On the other side was a Japanese girl dressed like a very…provocative member of the law he lead us to our table. Oh forgot to mention that she handcuffed Natsumi's hands together first then lead us there via a long chain attached to said handcuffs. We hopped in our small little room, sat at our table and then the "cop" closed the door. And by door I mean jail cell bars. We were officially prisoners. We checked the beverage list and made our orders followed with some bits of food. Our drinks consisted of three interesting varieties:

A wooden holder that held roughly 5 test tubes filled with various mixers and a giant glass of alcohol in a measuring glass.

A giant glass of alcohol that came with a giant syringe filled with mixer.

A glass of mixed alcohol that had a giant eyeball on it. (Mine)

Then the food came. Nachos, mixed light veggies and snacks and fried Koroke. Koroke is some sort of fried potato mash and it is quite tasty and very popular here. There were roughly 6 of these Koroke balls and the waitress mentioned that one of them had an abnormal amount of spices in it that would be very painful to eat. So we rock, paper, scissored to see who had to eat more than the rest and Natsumi and I had to choose two where Saya only had to choose one. On my first pick I naturally managed to get the spicy one and it was brutal to say the least. I asked them to ring the bell to ask the waitress for water and she appeared one minute later with a glass in her hand filled with ice to which she said, "I knew one of you would need this. Enjoy!"

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  1. Mama Fish says:

    Love the posts. Send pics of your apartment please.

  2. Mama Fish says:

    Okay, I read this again and I think you may be on your way to an extension of “Learning to Bow”.

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